Dental Insurance Discount

Dental Insurance Discount is here for one purpose, to help reduce your cost of dental services. Having access to the best dentists in Oregon should be the goal of all Eugene residents. Our personnel understands the ins and outs of the Oregon health insurance system and can help you navigate the Oregon Healthcare website to ensure the best coverage at the lowest price.

Taking Ownership of Your Oral Health

For most of us each day starts and ends the same way, with brushing our teeth. If teeth are not brushed twice a day, and flossed once, then plaque can begin to gain a foothold. Plaque buildup can lead to more than just bad breath. It can become a serious detriment to one’s health. The best course of action, to ensure you keep your teeth into old age, is to remove plaque before it has a chance to wreak havoc.

Plaque is a layer of bacteria, food, and other organic matter that collects on teeth. The bacterium present in plaque creates acids that slowly eat away at the enamel on teeth. This corrosion of enamel will lead to cavities. As plaque hardens it becomes tartar. A buildup of tartar will inflame the gums and cause them to bleed. This bleeding is a sign of gingivitis, which is an early form of Periodontal Disease. Periodontal, or gum, disease can lead to an infection that damages bone and tissue. Any infection, left unchecked, can spread and cause health issues throughout the body. As teeth are weakened by disease it becomes difficult to chew and properly digest food. Forgoing nutrients provided by digesting food will weaken teeth further. Brushing and flossing regularly will allow you to avoid this vicious symbiotic cycle.

Dentist Recommended Maintenance

Brushing and flossing should be a part of everyone’s daily routine. Teeth should be brushed every morning and every evening before going to bed. Brushing thoroughly will remove plaque from the surface of teeth and just under the gums. Brushing should last no less than three-minutes. To remove the plaque that forms between teeth, flossing is required. Flossing should occur at least once a day but preferably after every meal. Look for products with the ADA (Oregon Dental Association) Seal. The ADA Seal ensures a product that is safe to use as directed and will keep your teeth sparkling. Dentists like Natural Smiles, are trusted dental service providers and accept insurance. They are a wealth of inside information regarding what services are covered by dentists in Oregon.

Good oral hygiene isn’t rocket science. More people are keeping their teeth, throughout their lives, than ever before. This is due to better at-home and in-office dental care. While there are some individuals that have a genetic predisposition to dental disease and tooth loss, most everyone has control over whether or not they keep their teeth for the long haul. At the end, and at the beginning, of the day, brushing and flossing are the only effective ways of preventing plaque buildup.